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About Us

At BDEC Resources Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., we strive to achieve excellence in all areas of services that we offer.


Our team of professionals has more over 100 years of collective knowledge that lies in the areas of global business development; strategic innovation, transition impact strategies, up-skilling and the provision of internationalization strategies.

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We works with clients to deliver their internationalization strategies in a way that will resonate with the target market.


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Our Approach

Our internationalization strategy approach is organized around finding and backing transformative companies in the relevant sectors, helping them achieve significant inflections in value. We often identify these transformative companies by prospectively attacking an area of significant unmet need and mapping out key areas of opportunity and risk. In the creation of world–class companies, we provide expert advice in the following areas in the form of capacity building & through strategic implementation initiatives.

Product Certification

Marketing Strategy

Partner Search

Technology Roadmap

Branding Strategy

Supply Chain Management

Global Business Development

Guiding your business entering the international markets

Strategic Innovation

Helping to improvise your business with strategic innovation


Assisting in attaining funding and linkages with funders

Internationalization Strategies

Creating effective internationalization and commercialization strategies

Technology Road-mapping

We help with strategising tech based goals and objectives.


We have experts who can help with acquisition of various certifications such as ISO and Halal.


We help with meeting regulations and guidelines as required by industry or agencies.


Logo and branding are vital for creating the right impact. We help with development of your brand manual.

Sales & Marketing

We assist with development of go-to-market strategies as well as marketing directions.

Channel Development

Creating multiple channels for reaching wider markets is our expertise.

Partner Search

We help with finding local and global partners to grow your business.

Improvements and Growth

With our help, your business will improve with measureable benchmarks and targets.

Our Expertise

We believe that it’s not product or ideas that are in short supply. Instead it’s effective internationalization and commercialization strategies that are lacking. Internationalization is a comprehensive strategy that impacts many areas of a business. We believe each of these functions  in the diagrams are vital and it is important to align each of these functions toward the goal of developing and launching our clients’ idea.

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