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Green Energy

Green LED Lighting Programme Phase I and II


BDEC and Isis Innovation Ltd (Isis) were previously engaged to carry out a study of the viability of globalization of the Malaysian LED manufacturer. This project term the Phase 1 LED/ SSL project was completed in 3rd Quarter 2013. Phase 2 of this project involved undertaking a strategic implementation and roll out phase of the creation of a minimum of five World Class LED/ SSL Malaysian Home Grown Companies.


At the end of Phase 1, there was clear indication that there is room for improvement to ramp up the competencies, requisite skill sets as well as creating visibility of the participating companies at international levels. The strategies identified by the participating companies, Isis and TECM are being translated into action plans and core activities that will be implemented in Phase 2. Henceforth, BDEC Resources Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and Isis Innovation, UK engaged in the implementation of Phase II of the LED/SSL project for SME Corporation Malaysia.


The objective of this Phase 2 LED/ SSL project is to fulfil the KPI of MITI under EPP 10 in creating a minimum of five world class Malaysian home grown LED/ SSL companies. In meeting the objective set under EPP 10, this Phase 2 LED/ SSL project will involve undertaking tangible activities where strategically it is required that the participating companies will:


  • Collectively generate a total of RM178 million in revenue by 2020
  • Be provided with assistance to penetrate international market expansion in at least 2 regions by 2020.


BDEC Malaysia’s role is to:


  • To design and implement specific programs in the core areas of certifications and regulation, supply chain, technology road map, and branding, marketing and international partner search for these companies.
  • To assist in bridging the gaps between the as-is and the target in the pre-determined core areas
  • To design a monitoring mechanism to track the overall performance of participating companies during and after the project.
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