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Aerospace Programme


EPP 8: Developing SMEs in the Global Aerospace Manufacturing Industries


The 2nd National Aerospace Industry Blueprint was launched in March 2015, it set out the targets, strategies, and initiatives required to strengthen the aerospace industry in Malaysia, and to establish Malaysia as a global manufacturing hub.  In part, this will necessitate developing the capabilities and capacity necessary to ensure that the Malaysian aerospace industry can support the aircraft lifecycle from beginning to end.  Tier 1 suppliers are increasingly looking to South East Asia as a major territory for growth; indeed, several are either seeking to, or have already established manufacturing facilities in the region, which in turn represents a prime opportunity for those Malaysian SMEs serving the aerospace industry.


Malaysia Aerospace Industry Blueprint enhances the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the global aerospace manufacturing industry through the component in the Entry Point Project – 8 (EPP 8).


EPP 8 in the National Key Economic Areas (NKRA) leverages directly on the recommendations of the Malaysia Aerospace Industry Blueprint and initiatives of EPP 7, “Making Malaysia the Hub for Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers In South East Asia” whilst taking advantage for Malaysia to become ‘Asia’s Aerospace City’.  EPP 8 was designed based on the industry scenario that requires special attention and specific measurements according to the three growth levers namely industry recognised capability and capacity, business market and industry development also investment, funding and incentives.


With EPP 8, the initiatives implemented is seen as an opportunity for SMEs to explore the medium and large scale market including being the major distributor for aerospace companies in the world such as Boeing, Airbus Industries and more.


This project, a 9 month programme of support for 10 leading Malaysian SMEs operating in the aerospace sector implemented by SME Corp Malaysia through BDEC Resources and Isis Enterprise, includes helping the small and medium enterprises to upgrade the status of certification and recognition that is deemed significant in the aerospace industry and to take advantage of the government funding schemes and existing investment platforms.


BDEC Malaysia’s role is to:


  • Identifying capability gaps and support SMEs in developing tangible action plans to address
  • Understanding requirements to become certified suppliers to Tier 1 MNEs
  • Upskill SMEs in supply chain management
  • Understanding where the aerospace industry is heading in the next 5-10 years, and how the SMEs may develop products and services to address future requirements
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